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Known Powers and Abilities

When visiting (or forcibly taken to) other worlds, Little David may not have the full scope of his equipment or powers available to him. He could wind up with nothing at all, or only a few things on hand. For those reasons, this entry documents all of Little David's significant powers and abilities as of November 30, 2012, and provides some explanation as to what exactly they do for him and some of the technology behind them.

Power Armor Suit: This suit is what gives Little David his superhuman abilities. It's built around scavenged torso and thigh parts of Crey Crisis Unit armor. The rest of the suit is custom-made for Little David's body using the same materials. The internal systems of these custom-fitted parts interface seamlessly with the core Crisis Unit pieces. Donning the suit involves putting the components on piece by piece, similar to a knight's suit of armor.

In the torso the suit features an internal power plant for powering multiple suit functions. Aside from its defensive strength, the suit also has a Portacio Ind nanite-based autodoc system that diagnoses and gradually heals Little David of any injuries he's sustained. He'll heal much faster if keeps still and diverts most of the suit's available power to the autodoc.

The suit also includes motor assistance to boost Little David's physical strength, running speed, and the height of his jumps. While wearing the suit, Little David can jog almost indefinitely at speeds of 21 miles per hour without tiring and easily jump as high as 14 feet. If he breaks into a full run, Little David can reach speeds of 39 miles per hour.

Of course, being a Blaster archetype, Little David is comparatively "squishy" among superheroes even with the armor. Certainly, wearing the armor lets Little David take punishment that no normal human could hope to survive: volleys of missiles detonating point blank, Rikti plasma weapons that strip flesh from bone instantly, physical blows with enough force to send somebody flying through a brick wall, enchanted weapons and magic spells, and so on. However, that doesn't mean he can easily go toe-to-toe with most supervillains. While the armor itself is nigh-indestructible, Little David is still vulnerable to bruising and hydrostatic shock from kinetic blows. What's more, heat transfer from thermal-based attacks can eventually cook or freeze him alive inside his armor.

Helmet: Little David's helmet contains a sophisticated computer, short-range personal radar, and heads-up display (HUD). These systems locate persons and objects of interest, discern whether they are friendly or hostile, and gauge their relative combat strength and overall health. The system will alert Little David if a target originally marked as "friendly" makes a hostile move. The helmet is also capable of analyzing a target with intense scrutiny to discern its defensive strengths and any weaknesses, letting Little David know just where to hit—and what to hit with—to reduce the effectiveness of the target's defense and resistance to damage.

Psionic Defense: Little David is almost completely defenseless against psychic powers—but only "almost." During his work with Vanguard, operatives trained Little David in the Elusive Mind technique. This technique aids the user in defending and resisting against psionic assaults. Little David can only keep it up for a minute, and if he's already gripped by a psionic attack he can't break out of it with this technique.

Flight System: One of the suit's later modifications included a flight system comprised of plasma thrusters on the back and maneuvering jets on the boots. The only fuel the system uses is electricity, so the jets run off of the armor's internal power plant. Little David's normal cruising speed is 59 miles per hour, but if he dumps more power into the thrusters he can hit speeds of 85 miles per hour. For reasonably close-range combat, Little David's armor can assume a defensive mode that gives him precise control and keeps him from being blown out of the air by a hard-hitting attack, but he can only fly around 26 miles per hour this way.

Cloaking Device: One of Little David's later modifications to his armor involved upgrading the paint job. The suit now has a cutting-edge optoelectronic layer consisting of colloidal nanocrystal quantum dots, protected by an additional layer of transparent armor. The default state of this "smart paint job" resembles the armor's earlier faux-olive drab color and gold accents. When active, however, the armor changes color to actively mimic Little David's surroundings. This "active camouflage" is effective enough to render him almost invisible to the naked eye. The QD-LED layer can even emit light in the infrared, capable of fooling anything or anyone that detects heat signatures.

Taser Gauntlets: Little David has a cartridge-based taser dart launcher built into each of his gauntlets. This is one of several less-lethal methods Little David has on hand for taking foes down. The specially-designed darts home in on places where a target is vulnerable to electric shock. The two taser gauntlets have differing affects. The left gauntlet's taser shocks the target for half a second to cause involuntary muscle spasming—or analogues thereof—but recharges much faster. The right hand gauntlet has a much nastier shock that zaps the target for three seconds and leaves them disoriented for 17 seconds and takes 20 seconds to recharge.

Vanguard "Redding" Assault Rifle: When Little David started working with Vanguard, he received access to their equipment. The "Redding" Assault Rifle is one of Vanguard's signature weapons. Little David modified his rifle to accept ammunition belts in addition to magazines. He tends to fire his rifle from the hip, in single shots and short controlled bursts. Little David also has a habit of holding down the trigger in an extended spray of gunfire, particularly if he's facing a large group of foes. He does know how to properly line up a shot with iron sights, however, and will usually do so at a distance or as an "opener." Yet most of the fights Little David gets into happen in an urban or indoor environment within a hundred yards or so. Therefore, shooting from the hip is much more expedient, especially with powered armor to manage recoil and muzzle rise.

The rifle also has a second barrel that fires shotgun shells. Little David carries an assortment of lethal and less-lethal buckshot shells for dealing with groups of targets. In addition, he has shotgun-fired FRAG-12-style grenades for an explosive punch. Like his shotgun shells, Little David usually carries lethal and less-lethal variants of the grenades. Both kinds have "smart" systems that work with his helmet's targeting computer to focus explosive force on hostile targets. This means Little David can fire a grenade into a crowd and not hurt a single innocent, bystander, or ally. In fact, Little David is best known for his "drive-by crimefighting." If he discovers a group of criminals on the way to another crisis elsewhere in the city, he'll fire a non-lethal grenade into their midst. As Little David leaves the grenade to do its work, he'll notify the PPD or Longbow of the criminals' location for pickup.

Little David also uses specialized incendiary shotgun shells that produce a gout of flame, effectively functioning as a flamethrower. The shells lack the long-range, persistent flames of napalm-based flamethrowers, but they'll torch things all the same. Little David also has incendiary grenade-style shotgun shells that work a bit like British SIP grenades for igniting patches of ground as a method of area denial.

Restocking Device: Little David's power armor suit lets him carry ample munitions. Once ammunition runs out, however, resupplying in other realities can be hard or next to impossible. After volunteering to assist Portal Corp in their dimensional operations, Little David received a Portacio Ind Munitions Nanofactory. The Nanofactory is a satchel-sized device that fits on his utility belt. With the right amount of materials, it can reassemble ingredients into several different licensed brands of ammunition: rifle cartridges, shotgun shells, taser cartridges, grenades, caltrops, and even LRM Rockets. The Nanofactory ensures that Little David won't be stuck in another dimension without resupply, even if the process is tedious. It can recharge wirelessly when attached to Little David's power armor or plugged into an appropriate power source.

Reconstruction Device: Later in his career, Little David acquired this smartphone-sized reconstruction device based on reverse-engineered Rikti technology. The device can analyze a target, determine its makeup and any wounds or abnormalities, then do its best to repair them. While this device can work on just about anything—from humans to mutants to aliens to spiritual or magical entities to robots—it can't instantly return something to pristine condition. It can heal serious wounds or damage to stabilize a target's condition, however. Little David can also use the device on himself. Used this way, the device leaves Little David feeling awake, refreshed, and temporarily resistant to stunning attacks. The device recharges wirelessly when attached to Little David's power armor or plugged into an appropriate power source.

Caltrops: Little David carries a satchel full of these tiny spikes for area denial purposes. He also uses the caltrops to slow down foes that would otherwise flee, take cover, or charge at him. After acquiring the Portacio Ind Munitions Nanofactory, Little David switched from plain metal caltrops to something more high-tech. These new, Nanofactory-manufactured caltrops utilize artificial diamond and nanite colonies. The nanites break down the caltrops after a set period of time so as to not leave an area hazardous once the fight is over. Little David needs materials with carbon in them to make more caltrops once he's used up his satchel's reserve.

Web Grenades: These small hand-tossed grenades, once they detonate, launch a mass of sticky threads like a spider's web. The threads ensnare the intended target, preventing any sort of locomotion. The grenades can even bring down enemies in flight. The "webs" are non-lethal and biodegradable; in fact, they'll degrade by themselves after half a minute. The Munitions Nanofactory is capable of producing more of these grenades.

Smoke Grenades: Another type of small hand-tossed grenade Little David carries on his person. Upon "detonation," these grenades expel a thick smokescreen. The smoke makes it much harder for those afflicted to see beyond melee range, or accurately hit targets. What's more, the cloud is cloying and persists for a period of time: it will "stick" to those caught in the initial "detonation," following them wherever they move while resisting attempts to disperse it. That's because the smoke is actually a self-replicating colony of Portacio Ind Nanovirii. Little David can replenish these grenades with his Munitions Nanofactory.

Targeting Drone: This car wax can-sized drone fits on Little David's utility belt when not in use. Once activated, the drone hovers out of harm's way, using its suite of instruments to feed targeting data to Little David's helmet. The drone helps locate enemies in hiding or somehow cloaked, no matter the means, though it's not foolproof. The drone also has Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control built into it. This means the drone can sometimes highlight specific weak points on a target for massive damage.

Shield Drone: Vanguard awarded this experimental drone to Little David for his service. It's almost identical in size and appearance to his targeting drone. However, this drone uses an aggressive defense system to intercept incoming attacks with laser beams. The type of laser and method of use depends on the nature of the threat. For example, it uses laser propulsion to deflect physical attacks, destructive interference to disrupt electromagnetic radiation attacks, and laser cooling to quench fire, plasma, or other heat-based attacks. While it might sound impressive, the shield drone isn't actually all that effective. At best the drone "takes the edge off" of incoming attacks, but hey—it's better than nothing.

Trip Mine: These mines look a lot like Little David's targeting and shield drones, but don't be fooled—they pack a punch! When Little David deploys and activates them, the mines emit beams which detect nearby targets. The mines wirelessly communicate with Little David's own targeting systems. If a verified hostile target trips the beams, they explode with the force of a powerful grenade. The mines also disarm themselves after a set time limit to prevent unwanted casualties. Little David doesn't have a way to build these on the fly.

Gun Drone: These are flying autonomous gun platforms are commonly used by the shadowy Malta Group's Operation Engineers. Whenever Little David clashes with the Malta Group, he'll typically confiscate a few of these drones for himself. Once they've been reprogrammed, he can then call one of them to his position for some additional fire support. These drones use the same plasma thruster technology as Little David's own flight systems, so they can keep up with him and are about as nimble as he is. Their best features, however, are their dual gatling gun barrels. The drones have limited ammunition however, and though they are armored they can be destroyed. Little David can't build gun drones on the fly.

LRM Rocket: One of the most recent additions to Little David's armor involves a launch system for these small finger-sized missiles. In order to use these missiles, Little David has to acquire a "lock" on a foe with the targeting systems in his helmet. Once fired, these rockets are very accurate, hard to shake off, and have a rather large explosion radius. They're the heaviest hitting weapon Little David has in his arsenal. The rockets come in several different flavors, such as for dealing with foes that are heavily armored or magical/spectral in nature. Like his other explosives, the rockets have "smart" warheads that direct explosive force only at verified hostiles. The Munitions Nanofactory is capable of building more of these rockets.

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