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Character Relations (Tower of Animus)

What kind of people has Little David run into within the Tower, and what does he think of them? You'll find out here! If you'd like to be included on the list, be sure to comment. This list will (hopefully) be regularly updated with everyone that David's had significant contact with. That also means the data here is subject to change as events develop.


The chart here is based on the system used for contacts and mission handlers in City of Heroes, with some differences to reflect levels of like and dislike. In City of Heroes, how much a contact liked and trusted a hero was measured by a progress meter with several demarcations: Acquaintance, Colleague, Friend, and Confidant.

The meter is used here, but instead reflects Little David's feelings on the person in question, not the other way around. It also has negative values—Rival, Adversary, and Archenemy. For a basic idea of what to expect:

Acquaintance is for those Little David has barely met. This is the "neutral" setting on the meter.

Colleague is for those with whom Little David feels he has a working relationship. They might not see eye to eye or even like each other, but they can work together to get jobs done.
Friend means what it says on the tin. Little David is on good terms with this person.
Confidant denotes the really close, trustworthy friends. People that Little David feels he can share secrets or discuss private matters and problems.

Rival is the opposite of Colleague—rather than working together, these people have a dispute or competition with Little David. He may not necessarily dislike them, however.
Adversary is for those people with whom Little David is in open conflict and does not like.
Archenemy is reserved for those people with whom Little David would love to throw into the Zig if he could. He'll treat them with the same friendliness and trust he'd give any supervillain (that is, none).

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