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OOC / IC Permissions and Opt-Out

Character Name: David "Little David" Puskás
Character Series: Original (City of Heroes)


Backtagging:YESPlease, do so! I have no problem at all with people tagging or continuing a thread, even if it's been a month (or more) after it started.
Threadhopping:YESSo long as it's not private, go for it! Try and make sure anyone else in the thread is cool with it, though.
Fourthwalling:YESIf it's in your character's nature to mess with the fourth wall, go ahead!
Offensive Subjects:YESI can handle it if it's in-character. On the other hand, don't expect David to take it well if you punch his buttons.


Flirting:YESHe'll be surprised, but sure.
Hugging:YESDon't squeeze too hard if you've got Super Strength!
Kissing:YESThis will leave him very surprised.
Fighting:YESBlasters gonna blast, yo.
Injuring:YESIf he didn't want to risk getting hurt, he'd never have become a superhero.
Killing:YESDebt is just another badge. That being said, Little David is a superhero. He doesn't die easy despite what you may have heard about Blasters, and I'd like to discuss and plan this out ahead of time. You can discuss it with me in this entry if you can't get a hold of me elsewhere.
Mind Reading:YESDavid might try to use his Elusive Mind training if he doesn't want someone snooping, but he's pretty much defenseless to this.


If for any reason you'd pefer that Little David does not tag your characters, please reply here with the journal of the character you don't want tagged. If you don't want David tagging more than one of your characters, or any of them at all, reply here with the account of one of those characters, and list the others as well as your mun name. Please do not heitate to request this if you think it necessary; I'll do my best to honor it!